Software detection and license measurement

The nova ratio AG is one of the leading software vendors in the field of high-end Discovery in complex IT environments.
The nova ratio focuses on the full recognition of existing software and the automatic measurement of Oracle database installations.

The Oracle DB engine by nova ratio is one of only seven products worldwide which have been verified by Oracle LMS to provide the required data set to supplement a LMS review process.

Link: Oracle LMS verification

The Oracle DB engine delivers not only the required Oracle data, but also analyzes the information and makes it understandable. The Oracle DB engine provides an infrastructure view (hardware - virtualization - systems - databases) as well as a license view, which implements the Oracle license metrics.

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Link: Technology of the Oracle DB Engine

Customer products

The software detection engine of nova ratio ensures the full recognition of the existing software and is part of the following customer products:
Link: eInventory.
Link: eMetering (only Oracle databases)

The Oracle DB Engine is part of two customer products:
Link: eOracle
Link: eMetering


The nova ratio AG works closely together with several manu­facturers of SAM tools and provides interfaces for these SAM tools.
Link: Tool partner

Many well-known Oracle consulting companies use a partner solution by nova ratio for the project-related license measurement of Oracle databases.
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